Monday, June 26, 2017

Goals: Never Hurry, Never Rest

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Goals. All writers have them, in some form or fashion. Some want to get published. Some want to make a million dollars. Some want the respect of their peers or family members. Others just want to write on good sentence. 

We get a lot of advice when it comes to goals, too. We’re told to write every day. Were told we can write a novel in a year, or three months, or even one month. Ultimately, though, our goals are up to us. The important point is to be clear on what we want, set ourselves up for success, and then execute.

Once we have some goals before us, it's important to put something on the schedule so we can get what we want.  

How this happens is up to the individual. The preferred thing is to get some writing done every day, as this becomes a habit we are more likely to stick with. For people with jobs and families, it may not be practical. In this case, setting aside "writing days," or even weeks (in the case of a teaching friend, she would dedicate summer breaks to major writing projects), may be the solution. Another is to block off small amounts of time (15 minutes or a few hundred words) per day. 

What ever you decide, the important thing is to guard your time and do what you set out to do. Accountability  is key. Joining a writing group can help you produce, because people will be looking to read your work. Another is to join a public challenge. The important thing is to find what works for you and follow through. Good luck!

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