Monday, June 20, 2016

The More You Practice, the More You Become Free

I was watching a show on Parkour, and one of the athletes said something that stayed with me: "The more you practice, the more you become free."

Art courtesy of +byron rempel 
I know what you're thinking. What does that mean and why are we talking about it here? Well, his point was that as you gain mastery in your movements, you no longer need to plot out every move consciously. It becomes ingrained into you, and you instinctively know what you can and cannot do. You are then free to react to your surroundings and cover ground in an elegant and efficient manner.

Writing works the same way.

As you write and get feedback, you'll get a better sense of how you write and what works best for you. Writers in general, beginners especially, tend to cling to "rules." The want to know if they should start the novel right away, write in the morning or night, how to get the agent/book deal.

They, you, me, should write.

Everything else will follow.

I promise.
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