Monday, July 25, 2016

What Have We Here?

Photo Credit: N. M. Scuri
One thing I've learned is that when you invest your time and efforts into something that brings you joy, you receive gifts that you never expected. I'll get into it more in coming days, but an example is my little Luna Mothra buddy. I had no idea that they lived in my part of the world, but there he was (I checked. It was a boy). Luna Mothra hung out for about a week, as they do, and then he was off. Who knows what else is out there, right in front of my unseeing eyes?

So the takeaway message (if you are looking for one) is to keep an open heart, and open mind, and open eyes.
Art courtesy of +byron rempel 

Especially the last thing. Good to help avoid zombies.

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N. M. Scuri

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