Monday, November 7, 2016

How to Be Uninvited This Thanksgiving: The Election Day Edition

I cannot wait to see the tail end of this presidential election season. I have seen the disintegration of friendships. I have seen families stop speaking to each other. I have seen couples break up over party allegiances.

Now, I do not support hate, bigotry, or any other type of asshat behavior. I also don't really care who you want to win.

This post is about writing. And about truth.

For writing to come off the page and interact with the reader, it has to be real. I'm not talking about the details. I don't care if your brother was named Tony or Steve. That doesn't really matter. What matters is the anger you felt when he stole your girlfriend from you when you were 17, just because he could, and he always wanted what you had, even if he threw it away 5 minutes later.

The feelings, the stuff underneath the details, has to be true. That can make people uncomfortable.

Go go back to our elections for a moment. A lot of the anger I'm seeing that is not directed towards our candidates is based on our disappointment in the other person. Who knew that Uncle Robert was such a racist? How could Suzie be OK with such a liar? We're seeing things in other people that aren't in line with our beliefs and reacting accordingly.

So what does this have to do with writing?

Our job as artists is to get past the facade and get to the real issue of a situation. As we've discussed, that can make people uncomfortable, especially if they see themselves in the story, even if that was never the intention of the artist. The closer the person is, the more likely they are to react based on their perceptions.

You cannot control this, and you cannot let it stop you.

Mind, this is not carte blanche to be a self-centered jerk.

This is simply a reminder that not everyone will react as you expect. Do what is true, and keep going.

And vote.

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