Monday, March 16, 2020

Writing Essays Pt 1

Getting a writing assignment is pretty much never a cause for celebration for any student. Even if you're an English major, it's generally more fun to sit around, read book, and talk about them.

While we cannot get rid of essays completely, by keeping a few key steps in mind, you can get that essay written with less stress and better results.

Many times, one of the hardest parts is just getting started. I'll often find writers with the assignment in front of them, not knowing where to begin.

Step One: Start Early - A lot of times, I'll get people telling me that they do their best work at the last minute. The truth is, they only get their work done at the last minute. If their laptop dies, or there's some other issue, they would not be able to work around it. Even if you don't work on it daily at the start, making sure you understand the assignment, getting research started, and planning out your tasks will make for a lot less stress.

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