Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Writing Essays Pt 2

In the first part of this series on writing the school essay, we discussed how to get started. If you missed Part 1, you can find it here.

In Part 2, we're going to look at how to gather ideas.Once you are clear on what is being asked of you, the next step is to put ideas and information together, so you can start answering the question. Generally, you will be asked a question about something you should have at least a little familiarity with. This is helpful because it means that you can get started by putting some ideas together before doing any outside research (if needed).

The good news is that there really isn't a wrong way to gather ideas. The best thing to do is to try different methods and see what works for you. A few common techniques include:

Free Writing - Simply take out a piece of paper or open your word processor and start writing. Set a timer and put down anything that comes to mind. The only rules here are that you cannot cross out anything and you cannot stop until time is up. Many people will set their timer for 10-15 minutes, but you can go for longer. This method will help you dig out ideas that may not occur to you otherwise.
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